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How to Choose the Best Web Designer

The Best Web Designer

As a business owner, you have to juggle with multiple responsibilities. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or if your brand already has a reputation on the market, your company’s website will always be at the center of your operations. In the competitive field of the best web design in New York, having an outstanding website is crucial for your business success.

It’s the gate to a wonderful first presentation…or not. 

What your possible customers perceive of your brand will be heavily influenced by how good or bad your site looks. 

So what’s one busy entrepreneur to do? 

Hire a website designer.

But you don’t want just a random designer; you want what your customers deserve: the very best web designer.

If you don’t know what makes the best web designer or how to choose a website designer agency, then you better keep reading because you won’t want to miss this.

Tips For Choosing a the Best Web Designer 

Just a question first: Do you know what do you want? 

When it comes to hiring someone to design your website, there are two common options: You could hire a freelancer or go for an agency.  Before making a decision, though, you’ll need to ask yourself some basic questions. What sort of project do you want? Do you seek a simple layout? Are you looking for something more specialized? What’s your budget? Would you prefer to work more flexibly? Or it could be that the structure of a well-established agency suits you best. 

Once you've solved that, you can focus on the next five points.

Find a match for your personality:

And no, I'm not just talking about your business’ identity here. Of course, that's important and we'll see that in a bit, but it might be even more important to find someone that shares some values with you. After all, this person or agency will be in charge of how the world is going to see your brand, you'll likely spend some time together, so why not choose the option that's closely aligned with you? 

Discover how they work:

Well, that's obvious, right? Of course, you are going to do your research but there are some things that you won't find on their website or social media profiles. Ultimately you want to trust your project to an expert, but there's also the importance of knowing that they are always open for discussion. You'll listen to their proposals, yes, but they should also understand that you as the business owner can voice your opinions.

Check their portfolio, seriously.  

Many things can go wrong if the website designer and you aren't on the same page regarding expectations and deliverables.  You need to be fully aware of how the previous projects of the designer/agency fit your requirements. Think about it, let's say you run a bakery but the portfolio of your possible option is full of law firm projects. How well would that go? Again, alignment is crucial.

Define well your needs:

Resuming what we mentioned above about the questions you need to solve before making a decision, we'd add defining your business goals to the list. Why do you want a website? What do you expect to gain with it? What's your ideal user journey for your clients? Make a document and take it to the first meeting so you can set from the very beginning your expectations

Understand pricing:

Freelancers and agencies might have different prices range but they usually work around similar structures. It could be per hour, which means you'll pay for every hour invested in the project or it could be for the whole package, let's say they charge $X for creating a land page and three additional pages. Each one has its pros and cons, so you'll have to think about your preferences

Alright, so just to recap. 

To find the best web designer, ask a lot of questions, do your research, and always keep your goals in mind. Connect with the best by filling out our contact form at Inti Technology, the leading web design company in New York!

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