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Empowering Your Business with Technology

Fuelling Growth in the digital era

Empower your company or business to thrive today with expert guidance from our experienced professionals. We are the main marketing agency, specializing in designing and executing 100% effective digital strategies. From meticulous analysis and strategic planning to impactful advertising campaigns, we cover all bases. Count on us to provide your company or startup with the comprehensive support you need to stand out in competitive New York City, Long Island, or wherever you need us. From business consultancy services to web design and marketing strategies, Inti Technology is ready to transform your business’s digital presence.


Since 2016, we’ve built a strong reputation in the market, thanks to our dedicated team of professionals who work in an agile manner so our clients get the best results.

Fuelling Growth in the digital era | Inti Tech


We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World

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Consulting Services  | Inti Technology


Services Data Intelligence | Inti Technology


Services Web Design | Inti Technology


We design the website your clients will keep coming back to.

The latest innovations, UX processes and scalable designs. 

Convert your company's data into a smart ally ready to make you grow.

Be the business owner that always has ready a succesful strategy.


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Our dedication to excellence is unwavering | Inti Technology


Our dedication to excellence is unwavering.

We work to bring your business the best results  At Inti you'll find a trusted partner committed to driving your business forward. Our services are designed to meet the high expectations of your customers. Our expertise lies in understanding your business and leveraging cutting-edge technology. Using digital solutions to drive growth, efficiency, and innovation. Count on us to be your strategic ally for success, whether you are in New York or any city in the world.

 Technology Trends | Inti Technology

Technology Trends


AI potential contribution to the global economy by 2030


$1.5 tr

VR and AR potential to add to the global economy by 2030


Autonomous driving could create in revenue by 2035

3D printing materials market size Is expected to be worth by 2033


Our Partners

We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest and most innovative technologies to deliver top-notch solutions to our clients. Our team is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, constantly updating our skills and tools to ensure we provide the best possible service. Here are some of the programs we leverage to craft cutting-edge web design, app development, and data intelligence solutions, ensuring your success whether you're in New York or anywhere else in the world. From advanced programming languages to sophisticated analytics platforms, we harness the power of technology to meet and exceed your expectations, driving your business forward.

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