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Welcome to Inti Technology, where innovation meets excellence. We are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Our History

We love smart collaborations and we love even more a good story. 

When Peruvian friends Waldo Guevara and Erick Manrique finished their college studies in the U.S they had a clear picture of what they wanted to do. 

Built something capable of helping entrepreneurs to figure out the technological aspects of their companies.

Their first IT project would be launched in Peru, a basis for what would later become INTI Technology in the U.S.

Focused on programming, app development, data intelligence, software, and web development, our founders have repeatedly shown how a steady passion for the IT sector along with a strong foundation in project management, especially Agile, can be exactly what our clients need.

Our Founders


Waldo Guevara

With more than a decade of experience in his profile, Waldo is your person to go to understand software development and project management methodologies.

He has a bachelor's degree in Finance from Saint John’s University and has successfully worked for the big names in the financial industry.


Erick Manrique

Erick is an amazing app developer who has been part of some innovative projects in iOS and Android during his career.

His constant love for self-learning paired with a growth mindset makes him the ideal partner to create out-of-the-box programs. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from NYU.

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