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Website Design Trends to Look Out For

Website Design Trends

If your business already has a website, you probably know about the many benefits that it brings to having a presence in search results.

And yet…

Did you know that your website might need to be updated?

The world where we live is constantly changing, what was last-minute news yesterday, today becomes history. The digital world is no different and trends to follow, keep appearing.

With that in mind, we'll discuss today the most relevant website design trends of this year. Whether you're looking for web design in New York or anywhere else, these trends are essential to driving engagement and enhancing customer experience.

Spoiler? It's all about driving engagement and customer experience.

1.- Brand identity: 

 This one might not be solely related to website design but it's so important that we couldn't leave it out. Your website needs to be a perfect reflection of the identity behind your business. If the words associated with your company are: luxurious, exclusive, formal and very professional then you won't want to add that gif to your landing page. No matter what trends say. 

2.- Experimental navigation: 

 You know how to navigate a website by the heart. Click on the menu usually on a sidebar or on right above your first headline. It's how website design has always worked…until now. 2024 is here to make history and when it comes to the way to navigate a website, things are predicted to become wild. Do you  feel your site could be navigated as if it were a clock? Maybe like a car going on the road?  Well, go for it, if it works for your clients.

3.- Animation everywhere:  

No matter how old you are, there's something special about seeing an image moving as if it were alive. Not only images, but text is also making its move- no pun intended, to appear more dynamic in the eyes of website visitors. Adding movement to your site, creates the perfect space for expressing your brand's identity more vividly. It could be something as big as having a fictional character making a presentation of your products, or perhaps something simple like the letters of your brand's name appearing with some special effects.

4.- Kinetic Typography: 

Let's explain in more detail what we mentioned above about letters and words moving on screen. The technical term for that is kinetic typography and after making its debut in the 60s, it is now making a great comeback. This time? They're focusing on websites. And let me tell you, it's an amazing way of conquering your audience’s attention. Think about it, you are mindlessly scrolling on a website and suddenly a message starts to be built right in front of your eyes. Would you leave the site now?

5.- Brutalism: 

It has been the norm for years, websites must be designed with a symmetrical, kind of minimalist approach, we’ve constantly repeated that less is better. Nobody likes a messy view, well perhaps not messy, but brutalism is here to defy the pillars of website design, bold, big, and colorful, it might not be the best option for traditional minds but if you and your brand lie on the eclectic side, this more is better spirit could definitely be the appeal your clients are looking for.

6.- Ultra-minimalism:

 If brutalism is all about making things more eye-catching and breaking rules, ultra-minimalism stays on the opposite side, taking minimalism to its more extreme form. your website doesn’t need a sidebar and do you only wish to put a couple of headlines? This trend permits you to do it.  Focusing only on the most essential aspects it takes design to a bare minimum.

7.- Broken grids: 

Grids are well-known in the website design world. It's the most common layout to add images and text. Broken grids however are something new, it doesn't follow a straight line, it doesn't have to be neat, images can overlap with each other. Text can be bigger than the image.  It doesn't have to necessarily make sense, its purpose is to draw attention.

Website Design Trends: Stay Ahead of the Curve

There are many more website design trends coming up this year but we expect to see more of the same. Animation will keep gaining momentum and styles will remain defying conventional mindsets.

What do you think? Do you see your website benefiting from any of these trends?

Remember that you can always rely on Inti Technology to bring positive digital transformations to your business.

Ready to transform your website with the latest design trends? Fill out the form at Inti Technology and let's get started today!

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