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Top Ten Must-Have for your Website

Top Ten Must Have for your Website

So your business is going great and you have decided that's about time you launch your website. Do you have an amazing business idea and need a website ASAP? Or perhaps you already have a website but you feel like something is missing? 

Then keep reading because this is for you. Years of experience and passion for website design have allowed us to develop a sense of knowledge of what works best in a website. 

  • From a clear layout to the latest UX trends. 

  • We've gathered the Top Ten Must-Have for your Website. 

  • And trust us, you'll want to implement them right away.

1.- A Catchy Headline: 

Now if you're rolling your eyes and thinking that's obvious, hear me out. Let's say you have a flower shop business in Long Island named Gifted Lilies, a regular headline could be Gifted Lilies, flower shop and that's okay, but let's try again with something like: Gifts and Flowers Delivered to Your Door. See the difference? While the first one was too broad, the second option gives your customers a better idea of your value proposition.

2.- Engaging Copy:

So you came up with a wonderful headline, that's awesome, however, the journey is just starting, and to keep people's interest you need to show why your brand is the best out there. Are you a prodigious writer with the most romantic prose? Cool, but unless you are Taylor Swift nobody's going to care about your feelings. People are on your site for a specific reason. Keep your copy brief and your goals clear. 

3.- Call to Action:

Think about it, what do you want to achieve with your website? Do you want to bring more sales to your business? Are you looking to expand your mailing list?  To have people downloading something? Whatever your goal is, your need to guide customers in the right direction, a CTA button does just that. Make sure that's visible, straightforward, and attractive. Ideally, you'll want your main CTA positioned above the fold.

4.- Benefits:

If someone has clicked on your website and is staying for more than a few seconds, it means good news, you've grabbed their attention. The next step is to convince them to stay. Fancy designs won't beat the simplicity of an honest list of benefits. To do this, you've to be aware of what makes your brand different, and what advantages your services offer compared to the competition

5.- About Us Page:

If you were introduced to your first client, what would you want to say? What sort of impression would you want to make? Well, the About Us page of a website is the place to make your brand shine. Note, that I'm using the word brand instead of business. Why? Because people connect with people. They want to meet the person behind the product. A well-presented about us page allows you to connect with your customers in a way that goes beyond the service you're selling.

6.- Social proof:

So you are the best events planner in your city? Nice, but unless you've people saying the same, only your family is going to believe it. Harsh, I know, but that's how the world works. People need to know that others are buying from you, more importantly, they want to see the level of satisfaction of your current clients so why don't you add some testimonials to your landing page

7.- Contact Us Information:

Another obvious aspect that sometimes is forgotten is to add your contact details, your phone number, your location if you have a physical store, social media links, etc. You want to have this visible on all your pages, but it should be even easier to spot on your home page, if possible use CRM software so you can measure and analyze the leads your contact us form brings. 

8.- UX Design:

If you've never heard of UX, don't panic, it's not that complicated, at its core UX(User experience) works to make a design more inclusive and friendly to people. So in the case of a website, what UX does is optimize not just the layout of the site but also improve the whole customer journey experience.

9.- Blog: 

Remember that I mentioned above how people want to connect with a brand? Having a blog section is an excellent way to achieve that. Here you can build a loyal community that's always interested in reading what you've to say.  By knowing your market well and the pain points of your audience, you can write just the type of content your customers want. You'll gain authority in your field and soon you'll see yourself on the first page of search results.

10.- SEO:

Speaking of search results, there's nothing better to help you have a greater degree of visibility than a good SEO strategy. It's inexpensive, has a long-lasting impact, and is completely effective no matter at what stage your business is. How does that work?  In a nutshell, SEO teaches us to use relevant words aka keywords for your market so if your site offers plumbing services in Long Island, the next time someone googles plumbers in Long Island, it's your company that they see first.


Must-have for your website

And, what do you think? Are you already using these elements in your website?

Ready to take your website to the next level? Don't wait any longer to implement these essential elements and watch your online presence soar! Whether it's boosting sales, expanding your audience, or enhancing user experience, our Top Ten Must-Haves will guide you towards success. Take action today and experience the difference! Contact us for more information!

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