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Strategic Partnership in Digital Marketing: Inti and Hawatech

Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnerships are a proven method utilized by companies to expand their service portfolio, enhance customer outreach, and drive revenue growth. By forming alliances, businesses can leverage complementary strengths and resources to deliver greater value and innovation to their clientele. These collaborations not only facilitate access to new markets but also foster competitive advantages in the marketplace. Through strategic partnerships, organizations can achieve sustainable growth and effectively meet the evolving needs of their target audience, positioning themselves as industry leaders in the competitive landscape of today's business environment.

However, there is something special about what Inti Technology and Hawatech Solutions are doing in collaboration. Inti Technology was founded in New York in 2016 by Waldo Guevara and Erick Manrique. They shared the same vision of supporting the sustainable growth of small businesses using digital products.

Hawatech Hawatech Solutions LLC is a company launched in 2021 in Florida, working in the development of software and digital marketing services. Hawatech is led by its CEO, Jackelynne Han who always is after creating the kind of innovations capable of adding value to diverse companies. It's worth noting that both Inti and Hawatech have aligned purposes

The founders of the two companies met over Facebook when Waldo posted that he was looking for some talent to help him with a video creation. Jackelynne replied and soon became friends, they would work as partners in many projects of web development, social media, video editing, graphic design and Digital Marketing. Both of them happen to be Peruvians building successful careers in the U.S. Waldo Guevara as the head of Inti Technology, and Jackelynne Han leading Hawatech Solutions. They quickly formed a strong work ethic and friendly bond that allowed them to grow together with diverse digital marketing projects serving clients in N.Y and Florida.

They soon realized they worked brilliantly as a team and with more and more clients looking for their services and digital solutions, the next step became obvious. A partnership was needed and so Inti Technology and Hawatech Solutions formed a strategic alliance in 2022.  They've formed an exceptional team of talented professionals in the IT and Digital Marketing sector, creating the perfect formula to meet the high-level expectations of all the businesses that have trusted them, thanks to their commitment and the quality of their work. One of the additional reasons this partnership works so well can be found in the decision to rely on agile methodologies, more precisely SCRUM, to develop a flow of flexible collaboration focused on results. 

The vision of this union between Inti and Hawatech, however, goes beyond satisfying a larger number of clients, what both Waldo and Jackelynne work for is to open the doors to the Peruvian community, to promote inclusivity in the IT sector by welcoming into their teams young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and women. 

If your business seeks to innovate or refine its digital growth strategy, trust in the expertise of Inti and Hawatech's strategic partnership. Together, they offer unparalleled services in web design digital marketing, and more. Whether you need a fresh perspective or comprehensive solutions, our collaboration ensures top-notch results tailored to your needs. Visit Hawatech's website to explore our offerings or contact us directly at Inti for personalized consultation and support. Don't miss out on enhancing your business's digital presence—partner with us today for impactful growth and success.

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