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How to Improve Web Design?

 Improve Web Design |  Inti Technology Blog

As humans, we constantly look for ways to improve what we do, in our relationships with others and ourselves. But have you stopped to think about what you can do for your website's web design?

Surely, you or your website designer brought it to life but is it working as expected? Is your business reaping all the advantages that come with having an optimized website?

If you're having doubts, keep reading as today we'll focus entirely on tips to improve your business website's web design.

Is that possible? Yes! And we are showing you how.

1.- Think with UX in Mind:

No, it's not that complicated, I swear it. You might already be familiar with UX but in case you need a refresher, let's just say that UX stands for User Experience and it's one of the latest trends in digital marketing and product design.  UX works to help you to better understand your audience. Their needs, wants and whole personality just to name the basics. How does this help your website performance? Easy, by following UX principles you can present to your clients exactly what they're looking for

2.- Let your Value Proposition Shine:

See your value proposition as the best first impression your business can give. The reason why you started this journey as an entrepreneur, that brilliant and unique idea you molded into a wonderful product. That's what a good value proposition is all about. There's no reason to hide it, quite the opposite, you want people to know what makes your business special.  So why not put it in your first headline? Just follow this simple formula: Who (audience)+ What (service) + How (process) 

3.- Simplicity is your ally:

Remember the last time you scrolled down a website, did you make a philosophical analysis of the content? Were you in awe of the prose? Nonsense, right? Well, that's how people in general work. We click on a link with a somewhat clear intention of what we want to find or do, we don't have time to waste with complicated sentences or jargon. Colors are great, wonderful even but you shouldn't underestimate the power of white space

4.- Responsive design:

I'm sure it has happened to you, you open a website on your phone and everything looks weird, like you've to keep moving your screen to make sense of the content so you get bored and leave as quickly as you entered. It's the opposite of what you want for your website. To prevent such a scenario, you need to design your site responsively. That means that all your sites can be seen and understood no matter what type of screen is used, like computers, phones, or tablets.

5.- Don't be shy of adding Call To Action Buttons: 

A good CTA is the quickest way to use the first interest of someone who's visiting your site for your benefit. It might not necessarily mean a sale, but it could make wonders to elevate your customer’s journey. Maybe you’ll direct them to your blog, maybe it’ll help you gain more subscribers. The action can be accommodated to your strategy, but you definitely want to have people acting on your website. 

6.- Add Content, but Good Content:

Everyone has different preferences. If you notice, the writing style we use for our blogs is very simple and our voice is friendly- or at least that's what we say to ourselves. However, not all brands are the same, a law firm, for instance, needs to be a bit more serious. But when it comes to deciding what's high-quality content, you should focus on understanding your audience very well so that what you write is useful, make sure to use the right headlines, and don't forget to add those valuable keywords.

Final thoughts 

Boost your website to boost your business! Even if your company is doing well, there's always room for improvement. Your website should reflect that. Experiment with what works for your brand, and most importantly, discover how you can make your clients happier! Contact us now for more information on web design to improve your website.

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