Inti Technology Inc is a programming company with the goal to help organizations grow through technology. We accomplish this through a tailored understanding of our customer.
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Our Services

Our Services

Custom Software Development

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Software Development

Create beautiful web and mobile applications using Swift, Java, HTML5, and javascript

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Backend Engineering

Architect and launch backend system using AWS, digital ocean and firebase

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Design UI/UX

Advanced tools to build the interactive mockup and see the user experience

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Business Strategy

Strategic planning and growth strategy to take take you from zero to one


Whether you are revamping your company website or creating a new one, we have the experience to complete your project. We create incredible and responsive websites which look great on any computer, mobile, or tablet. Let us help you reach more customers by selling your products or services on a website.

Mobile App

Do you have the next big idea for an app or do you want to create one for your business, let us guide you through this process and develop an incredible app in iOS and Android. Our experts will guide you through the whole procures of building the strategy, design the UI and UX, develop the app, and launch.


Define your goal and research


Create a wireframe


Backend and frontend


User Accepted Testing


Release and maintenance