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Million dollar idea

Million dollar idea, Million dollar idea

Have a million dollar idea for an app or a website?

Today we are going to discuss 2 very successful businesses which have appeared in recent years and are improving business. Technology is very interesting because it’s capable of improving almost every service or product. Nowadays you hear about many startups, however you may have ideas of your own but are not sure where to begin your million dollar idea. Taking a project from an idea to launch is not an easy task and then you have to still have to figure out how to grow the business. If you have an idea and just want to discuss its feasibility, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to just consult you and if you are ready we can help make your idea and dream become a reality CONTACT US TODAY.


Released on 2012

In the world of software there are usually many options to choose from. If you are looking for project management options for software development you could use Pivotal, Trello or Jira, but how do you know which one is better? You could always Google it and find many answers after searching through many websites which is what we did. g2crowd is a review website for software. Find what businesses are saying about software you plan on using or search for type of software you need. Having these reviews in one specific location makes it very easy to find answers. Now our looks through g2crowd when comparing software. Start using it today: G2crowd


Released on 2013

When it comes to communication with your team it is very important to be organized. I’ve used several programs and find Slack to be incredibly good. We can separate our conversations by groups called Channels. Within these Channels we make side conversations called Threads. This tool is very good because it keeps you very organized and has all your conversations in one easy to find location. Additionally there are several apps which you can integrate like Jira and Dropbox. Start using it today: SLACK Here is an example of the structure for the conversations:

  • Project 1 – UI/UX
    • Should we update the colors
    • Do we need a third screen
  • Project 1 – Frontend
    • Bug – button needs to change
  • Project 1 – Backend
  • Project 2 – UI/UX

All million dollars ideas started with a first step.

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