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How to Launch your MVP Application in 4 Steps

how to launch your MVP application, How to Launch your MVP Application in 4 Steps

To give rise to your new setup in the market, MVP is the best option. And is the short form for Minimum Viable Product. It is basically a process that belongs to the agile development framework network. And you can use it for mobile app development projects. Also, with the everyday advancement in the mobile app development market, people’s interest in MVP is also building. This article will help you know how to launch your MVP application in 4 simple steps. If you are still deciding on whether to start the project read How to turn your idea into an MVP. Without any further delay let’s start with the steps.

Steps on How to Launch your MVP Application

Step No 1: Identification and Understanding of the Business and Marketing Demands

Firstly, find out if your mobile product has a good market demand or not. Then do some research on your competitors. And figure out even better marketing strategies to increase the value and demand of your product.

  • Long-Term Aims:

Then, next comes to set a big and long-term target. Which should include a significant increase in your target audience and market reach.

  • Criteria for Success:

Finally set high-standard criteria for your product’s success. This may include reaching a certain fixed target of activity level every month.

Step No. 2: Plan User’s Journey

To understand how to launch your MVP application, considering yourself as a user is an important point in designing the best mobile app. Also, this allows you to get maximum user satisfaction at every step of app creation. Because you are thinking of what the user wants instead of thinking about your mind.

What to Consider for Planning User’s Mind Reading Strategy:

This strategy is based on a few important steps that include:

  • Know your user
  • Figure his actions
  • Think of the user’s goal

Step No 3: Draw a Pain and Gain Map

The next step is the creation of a pain and gain map covering every action of your user. Also, it allows you to know the best area which has the most potential to add maximum value. Moreover, these areas become your main site of attention. Whereas, the less impactful ones go to the product roadmap section, for release in the future.

Why this Map is Important?

There are two main benefits of a pain and gain map, which are:

  • Know the pain points of your user
  • Identifying the gain achieved by the user on every pain addressing

 Step No. 4: Decide the Features

The final step is to decide which features are good for your app. And which ones are not. Then add features that improve your product’s overall goal.

Best Strategies for Deciding the Features:

  • Using Opportunity Statements:

Specific opportunity statements are the best help for deciding your final app features.

  • Add the Broken Features into Product Roadmap:

Also you should add the least prioritized features to the assisting roadmap.

  • Use a Prioritization Matrix:

Moreover, it helps you find out the area where maximum benefits are available from available features.


This was all about how to launch your MVP application. Good luck with your easy and efficient MVP app to save your initial product from unnecessary and unwanted features. CONTACT US if you need any help in this process. Our team of experts can help you every step of the way. Lastly, if you want us to write on any other topic, leave your topic suggestions in the comment section below. And we would love to write on them.

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