Inti Technology Inc is a programming company with the goal to help organizations grow through technology. We accomplish this through a tailored understanding of our customer.
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Online Store Designs

Design clear, attractive and effective online stores that your customers fall in love with

At Intitechnology we design and create modern online stores, that are dynamic and focused on sales. Our online stores are designed to create an environment in which the user feels comfortable and can navigate quickly and easily through the different pages and end up buying.

They are full of features that will help you a lot in your day to day life, we make use of the latest technologies available to make your job easier.

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Characteristics for our websites

No Limit of Products

Various payment methods

Adaptive and responsive for cell phones

Fast to open up and save

Optimized for marketing

Optimized for Search Engine Optimization SEO

Using the latest in technology and development

Landing Page

A landing page is a website designed specifically to turn visitors into leads. Short and too the point for small businesses


Websites with the goal to distribute information public ally or privately. Most information websites make revenue through publicity


Design for virtual stores. Sell your products online in e-commerce stores. Designed is specific to the products you sell


A website in which you continuously post content every so often in article forms. These are usually ordered by date of publication


Online stores with everything you need to start selling

Our online stores are full of features that will help you a lot in your day to day life. We make use of the latest available technologies to make your work easier

Add, edit and delete pages and products easily.

Connected with your bank

We connect the online store with your bank to pay with card.

Sizes, colors, etc

Products with variations of sizes, colors or any other attribute.

Discount coupons

Make promotions with discount coupons.

Unlimited products

Upload all the products you want.

Sales, customer and stock reports

Generate sales and customer reports to control your business.

Control inventory and configure low stock alerts.

Configure different shipping methods according to the characteristics of the products.

We teach you how to manage your new online store.


Professional online stores that will help you sell.

Design of high quality online stores, with a very attractive style that will help you to show your products in the best possible way.


What are clients are saying

Eg Murcia Landiscape

"I had the opportunity to see the professionalism of Inti Technology Inc when making my company website. They take their time to understand how to convey the concept of what I offer to my customers."

Elber Murcia
, Eg Murcia Landiscape

Century Testing and Consulting

"Waldo helped me and the company I was working for design a very professional website. He did so with the utmost attention to detail and was constantly involved in the design process as we worked with him to create a new page. This new page now serves as the company's brand and new web presence on the internet."

Bennett Reiss, Century Testing Consulting & Kipu Life Inc
century logo


The perfect plan for your Project

  • $ 100
  • Web Basic

    • Manageable
    • Optimized for Web
    • 2 E-mail Addresses
    • 2 Pages
  • $ 100
  • Web Advanced

    • Manageable
    • Optimized for web
    • 6 E-mail Addresses
    • 8 Pages
  • $ 100
  • Online Store

    • Manageable
    • Optimized for web
    • +10 E-mail Addresses
    • +15 Pages
  • $ 100
  • Custom

    • Manageable
    • Optimized for web
    • +10 E-mail Addresses
    • +15 Pages

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