Inti Technology Inc is a programming company with the goal to help organizations grow through technology. We accomplish this through a tailored understanding of our customer.
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Inti Technology Inc is the best web design company in Long Island. Having multiple clients from Nassau County to Suffolk County. Our goal is to make you a great website which is search engine optimized (SEO) to bring you visitors, view, and clients. We also help startups launch their applications (MVP usually) on web, iOS or android.

We accomplish this through great design and understanding of our customer’s need. The team has over 10 years of experience in programming, Agile development, marketing, and finance in Long Island. Our customized approach is to understand our customer needs before programing and making major decision. We create a plan and begin web design using the best practices and the right technology. Before you know it your mobile app, company website, or program will be up and profitable.

We also have business partners in Peru at your disposal. With our outsourced team you can scale your organization quickly, easily and cost effectively with a dedicated remote staff in Peru.


"Waldo helped me and the company I was working for design a very professional website. He did so with the utmost attention to detail and was constantly involved in the design process as we worked with him to create a new page. This new page now serves as the company's brand and new web presence on the internet."

Bennett Reiss, Century Testing Consulting & Kipu Life Inc

"I had the opportunity to see the professionalism of Inti Technology Inc when making my company website. They take their time to understand how to convey the concept of what I offer to my customers."

Elber Murcia
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