Inti Technology Inc is a programming company with the goal to help organizations grow through technology. We accomplish this through a tailored understanding of our customer.
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Why UX & UI design matters?

When you’re building digital products, good design matters. Investing in UX design during the initial development reduces overall costs, increases sales conversions, can boost customer loyalty, reduce the time to market, and increase ROI. This is why, at Intitechnology, we are intensely committed to great design.

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Precision and Performance

Some Benefits of a good process of UX / UI

Reduce overall Cost

Investing in UX during a project´s concept phase reduces product development cycles by 33 to 50%

Increase conversions

A better UX design could increase the conversion by 400%

Long - Tern Customer loyalty

Design - related issues were listed by 94% of users as the main reason when approving or rejecting a product

Reduce time - to - market

The time needed by developers to re-work or “fix” a product can be reduced up to 50% by great UX Design.


How do we work


Our user-centered approach means understanding each product in depth before we begin, especially the target users of that product.


Now we know who the user is, we turn our attention to what they need and want, exploring any issues underpinning the proposed product to take our understanding deeper and further.


At this stage, we come up with options, using techniques like wireframing and moodboards to present our innovation to the client and enable them to make informed choices concerning the UX and overall design.


It’s time to build and the focus here is not on a finished product but a prototype that can be tested with a sample of users.


Following the testing, the user feedback is collated and analyzed with the results feeding into the next cycle of the design process, creating further improvements.


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What are clients are saying

Eg Murcia Landiscape

"I had the opportunity to see the professionalism of Inti Technology Inc when making my company website. They take their time to understand how to convey the concept of what I offer to my customers."

Elber Murcia
, Eg Murcia Landiscape

Century Testing and Consulting

"Waldo helped me and the company I was working for design a very professional website. He did so with the utmost attention to detail and was constantly involved in the design process as we worked with him to create a new page. This new page now serves as the company's brand and new web presence on the internet."

Bennett Reiss, Century Testing Consulting & Kipu Life Inc
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    • Optimized for web
    • 6 E-mail Addresses
    • 8 Pages
  • $ 100
  • Online Store

    • Manageable
    • Optimized for web
    • +10 E-mail Addresses
    • +15 Pages
  • $ 100
  • Custom

    • Manageable
    • Optimized for web
    • +10 E-mail Addresses
    • +15 Pages

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